Season-opener Group Ride

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2021
Event Type: Road Bike
Location: Start a The Village Smithy in Carbondale
Start Time: 9:00am

Ride and Route Description:

This ride is meant to be a fun, social experience for all levels of cyclists! No registration is required (it is a free event). We will divide into two groups:

A Group: Experienced riders who want to chat on the flats and throw down at two sprint “primes.”

B Group: Riders looking for a true no-drop social ride.

All riders (both A and B groups) will start together. No-drop ride for all for the first 10 miles to Cattle Creek. 

  • Start at the Village Smithy in Carbondale
  • Ride west on Main St. through the round-about, continue west past CRMS and over the bridge.
  • Take a right on the Hardwick Bridge Road (County 109). Continue on Hardwick to the intersection of Old State Hwy road.
  • Right on Old State Hwy road and up-valley to the intersection of Hwy 82.
  • At Hwy 82 get on the Rio Grande bike path.
  • B-Group will continue with the no-drop ride on the bike path back to Carbondale (15 miles total).
  • A-Group splits off at Cattle Creek, crosses Hwy 82 and rides up Cattle Creek to the top
    • Bragging rights prime at intersection of County 112.
    • Bragging rights KOM at the high point.
    • Continue down Catherine Store road to 82 and Catherine Store (regroup at bottom of hill).
    • Cross Hwy 82 and back to Carbondale (25 miles total).

A Group route map

B Group route map

COVID Guidelines

  • Please do not arrive at the starting area more than five minutes before 9:00am.
  • At the starting area, please maintain six feet of distance between yourself and those around you.
  • Please wear a mask until the ride begins.
  • While riding, do not “snot rocket” or spit in the vicinity of other riders.
  • At the finish, resume six feet of distancing between yourself and those around you.
  • Please do not linger at the finishing area.