2020 Membership Types

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Aspen Cycling Club is offering two membership options in 2020.


Because many of us in our community have lost their jobs, had their businesses closed, or simply have no work available at the moment, we are losing a significant amount of club sponsorship income for the 2020 season. In response, we are opening up membership registration at this time for folks who want to become members for the 2020 season regardless of whether or not we are able to put on any races. We hope and plan to offer a slightly shortened season, but situation continues to change rapidly and we can’t guarantee that we will be able to race.

Member-sponsorship will be the same cost as last season at $135, and it is an opportunity to support the ACC and help ensure our financial health for those of you who have the means to do so. Please understand that in this particular round of membership registration, the fees are non-refundable and will be regarded as donations to the club if we are unable to provide any races for this season. If we do race this season, your member-sponsor payment would cover all 2020 race entry fees, and we will recognize your donation on our website and in advertisements.

We thank you in advance for these generous actions and are grateful to have folks like you in our community.

Club Membership

For racers who cannot or are not interested in purchasing a member-sponsorship, we will offer a reduced-rate membership option the week before racing begins. We will wait until the last minute to publish this option in order to adjust the membership cost based on the number of races we know we’ll be able to run.