Ride for the Pass
Mass Start Road Bike Race
Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

These results only contain ACC registered members at the time of the race. For complete results please see the Ride for The Pass website.

Riders with a negative bib number have not been assigned an ACC number yet.

Men's A
10:44:2114LOGAN, Levi30WE Development
20:44:324PETERSON, Butch28RFMBA Trail Agents
30:44:351STROKES, Gregory26Resqwater
40:44:362KOSTER, Ryan24Culver's Glenwood Springs
50:50:0116DAVENPORT, Topher22
60:51:2215TRANTOW, Tristan20RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
70:54:1818PITTZ, Tiernan18CRMS
80:59:32-4PAULUS, Michael16
Men's B
10:41:2436INKINEN, Sami30
20:47:5932ADAMS, Casey28Basalt Bike & Ski
30:47:5944CALLAHAN, John26Limelight Hotels
40:50:47123ELLIOT, Simon24Basalt Bike & Ski
50:51:3240STARK, Milo22Freaks Racing
60:52:4482CIBULSKY, John20
70:53:5842WILLIAMS, Brian18
Women's C
11:24:54121SHAPPELL, Bonnie30
Men's C
11:10:48119MURPHY, Mark30Basalt Bike & Ski
Men 50+
11:09:51103TRANTOW, George30Valley Ortho
21:14:08116CHILSON, Chip28Aspen Sports Performance / Litespeed
Men 60+
10:56:41-3GIBANS, Jon30Basalt Bike & Ski
20:57:34124SIRIANNI, Phil28Basalt Bike & Ski
Men 70+
10:50:04112KREUZ, Kevin30
21:02:06104OLENICK, Bob28
31:14:13115OVEREYNDER, Phil26Limelight Hotels
41:14:1488CROSS, Ed24Limelight Hotels
51:19:14106GRICE, John22
61:25:33125D'AGOSTINO, Jim20

Event Summary
Did not finish:0