Snowmass Circuit Race
Mass Start Road Bike Race
Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

Thank you to our volunteer marshals - we couldn't have hosted this race without your help!

Jacques Frenchy Houot
Michael Kurnik
Gardner Morrow
Tyler Newton
Cathy Porter

All ACC members are expected to marshal at least once during the season
and they must marshal at least once to be eligible for end of season points.

Men's A 5 Laps
10:45:0023BECK, George30Strafe / STRAFE x MountainFLOW Eco-Wax
20:45:0119SHANKS, Cooper28Basalt Bike & Ski
30:45:021STROKES, Gregory26Resqwater
40:45:123JACOBI, Kevin24Limelight Hotels
50:45:294PETERSON, Butch22RFMBA Trail Agents
60:46:032KOSTER, Ryan20Culver's Glenwood Springs
70:48:5922HUMPHREY, Dante18Team Colorado Cycling
80:49:4620STARK, Milo16Freaks Racing
90:53:5018PITTZ, Tiernan14CRMS
Men's B 5 Laps
10:46:5136INKINEN, Sami30
20:48:1932ADAMS, Casey28Basalt Bike & Ski
30:48:1944CALLAHAN, John26Limelight Hotels
40:49:2153SMITH, Larry24Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork
50:50:2548FUNK, Adam22The Meatballs
60:50:2649RISPOLI, Maxwell20The Meatballs
70:50:27123ELLIOT, Simon18Basalt Bike & Ski
80:50:4942WILLIAMS, Brian16
90:51:5482CIBULSKY, John14
100:52:2735HEATH, Liam12RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
110:52:5750CHERNOSKY, David10Groove Subaru
120:52:5845ETTLINGER, Jared8
130:56:0833FRENCH, Ryland
Women's C 3 Laps
10:37:15120JACOBI, Jess30Limelight Hotels
20:50:11122SHARPLEY, Juliann28Limelight Hotels
31:03:16129TULLAR, Delaney
Men's C 3 Laps
10:34:13118MERRILL, Nate30
20:35:14119MURPHY, Mark28Basalt Bike & Ski
Women 50+ 3 Laps
10:37:37131SHAW, Sara30Limelight Hotels
Men 50+ 3 Laps
10:30:42128LANDGRAFF, Peter30Celebrity / Chalet
20:33:54103TRANTOW, George28Valley Ortho
30:35:40116CHILSON, Chip26Aspen Sports Performance / Litespeed
Women 60+ 3 Laps
10:36:21113CALLAHAN, Kathleen30Limelight Hotels / Limelight
Men 60+ 3 Laps
10:30:51124SIRIANNI, Phil30Basalt Bike & Ski
20:32:32109SMITH, Wade28
30:32:53127PAUSSA, Jim26Hub of Aspen
40:33:05126GIBANS, Jon24Basalt Bike & Ski
50:33:49108ARMSTRONG, Mike22Basalt Bike & Ski
Men 70+ 3 Laps
10:30:56112KREUZ, Kevin30
20:31:09114LYONS, Steve28Basalt Bike & Ski
30:31:59105HANDWERK, Jeff26
40:35:05104OLENICK, Bob24
50:36:31130ADAMSON, John22Twisted Spokes Racing
60:38:32115OVEREYNDER, Phil20Limelight Hotels
70:39:2588CROSS, Ed18Limelight Hotels
80:40:56125D'AGOSTINO, Jim16
90:41:11106GRICE, John14
High School Girls 3 Laps
10:34:47111HEATH, Megan30RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team

Event Summary
Did not finish:1