Snowmass Discovery Circuit

Date: September 1, 2021
Event Type: Mountain Bike
Location: Snowmass Base Village, Fanny Hill
Start Time: 6:00pm, please be prepared for cold and possibly darker conditions at the finish.
Suggested Parking: Snowmass Base Village

Course Description:

  • Climb work road from Snowmass Base Village
  • Climb Discovery to intersection with Village Bound
  • Climb Village Bound to work road to Cross Mountain
  • Take Cross Mountain to French Press
  • Take French Press down and continue onto Viking and then Verde and then work road down towards Base Village
  • At the Base Village, turn left and continue up work road
    • Short Course finish below stage
  • Long course continues up and climbs Discovery to intersection of Village Bound
  • Descend Village Bound down work road down Fanny Hill singletrack
  • At Base Village, turn back up road to and climb road
    •  Long Course finish below stage

Short course, one long loop connecting Discovery, Cross Mountain, and French Press with finish below stage on work road above base village.

Long course, full short course loop plus a small loop on Discovery/Village Bound, Fanny Hill descent, with finish below stage on work road above Base Village.

COVID-19 Safety

  • Please check in and pick up your bib numbers at least 15 minutes before your starting time.
  • Please arrive in the start area no later than 30 seconds before your start time, but no earlier than 10 minutes before your start time. Do not congregate with other riders at the start or finish. Failure to meet this requirement will mean a forfeiture of start position and relegation to end of start list.
  • At the starting area, leave six feet of distance between yourself and all other riders. 
  • Please wear a mask until 60 seconds before your start. 
  • Individuals at high risk for COVID-19 are asked to stay home.
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.

Volunteer: To sign up to marshal for this race or any race go to the Marshal Sign-Up

Race Check-In: All racers must verbally check-in at each mass start race regardless of membership level. Race check-in will take place from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM at the start of the race (unless specifically noted otherwise). Please wear a mask when checking-in.

Check-in is not required for time trial races.

We will issue your race numbers at your first race. You will keep the same number for the entire season.

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Race Cancellation Policy: PLEASE DO NOT PHONE OR TEXT THE RACE DIRECTOR FOR RACE CANCELLATION INFORMATION. In the event of inclement weather on race day, the Aspen Cycling Club Board of Directors will communicate with the Race Director to determine the Club’s ability to operate a race that is reasonably safe for competitors, and, for mountain bike races, preserves the integrity of local trails. All racers should assume that a final decision will be made at the start line by the race director. However, when possible, the Board of Directors will alert racers of a race cancellation prior to the start by emailing the Club email group, and posting on the website and the ACC Facebook page by 5pm.

Refund Policy: Race entry fees are non-refundable.

Warm-Up: Please do not warm up on the race course after 6:00pm.  Be respectful of traffic and property during your warmup. Do not block cars, and do not urinate in public. If caught urinating, you will be disqualified from the evening’s race. Plan accordingly.