Prince Creek MTB 2022

Date: June 8, 2022
Event Type: Mountain Bike
Location: Prince Creek Trail System in Carbondale.
Parking: Very limited parking is available at the Prince Creek Trails. Please park at Roaring Fork High School and ride to the start line (about 25 minutes at an easy pace).

NEW 2022- Mini MTB Course for youth entering 1-8th grade.  This race will take place between the start of the Short Course and Long Course.  On site registration only (5-5:45pm).  Parents must stay on site and help marshal the mini course.


Course Description:

  • All riders will start at the new parking area, the “Bull Pen”. Riders will start on the road for a bit and get on the single track at Tybar Ranch Gate (left off road).
  • Climb on the Prince Creek trail and continue climbing Monte Carlo trail.
  • Riders will rejoin the Monte Carlo trail at the new BLM campground.
  • Climb single track to BLM 8320/Porcupine Traverse, then turn left onto BLM 8320 and follow it to Highline Trail.
  • Turn right on to Highline Trail, follow Highline to BLM 8320, turn right and climb BLM 8320 to Trough. Descend Trough to South Porcupine. Turn left on South Porcupine and then turn right onto Ginormous.
  • Descend Ginormous.
  • Turn left after Ginormous onto Monte Carlo and climb Monte Carlo through to BLM 8320/Porcupine Traverse again.
  • Turn left towards Highline again.
  • Short Course (5.8 miles total race distance):
    • Finish next to Highline gate at base of Highline.
  • Long Course (8.5 miles total race distance):
    • Climb through Highline again then continue up BLM 8320 to Trough and descend Trough.
    • Turn left on South Procupine, then descend Ginormous.
    • Turn left on Monte Carlo, left on BLM Road 8320, and finish next to the Highline Gate at base of Highline.

MINI Course Description:


Start Waves / Start Times / Laps: 

Wave 1: Time 6:00PM – Short Course (All categories except Men’s A, Men’s B, and Women’s A) ONE LAP
Wave 2: Time 6:05PM – Mini Course Juniors (5-8th grade) TWO LAPS
Wave 3: Time 6:08PM – Mini Course Juniors (3-4th grade) ONE LAP
Wave 4: Time 6:10PM – Mini Course Juniors (1-2nd grade) ONE LAP
Wave 5: Time 7:00PM – Long Course – Men’s A
Wave 6: Time 7:03PM – Long Course – Women’s A, Men’s B

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Race Entries: Season registration and race entries close at 8:00 PM the night before each race. Please scroll down for registration and race entry.

Warm-Up: Please do not warm up on the race course after 6:00 PM.  Be respectful of traffic and property during your warmup. Do not block cars, and do not urinate in public. If caught urinating, you will be disqualified from the evening’s race. Plan accordingly.

Racer Check-In: 

  • All racers must verbally check-in at each mass start race. Racer check-in will take place from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM at the start of the race (unless specifically noted otherwise).
  • Check-in is not required for time-trial races.
  • We will issue your race numbers at your first race. You will keep the same number for the entire season.

Volunteer: To sign up to marshal for this race or any race go to the Marshal Sign-Up

Race Cancellation Policy: Please do not phone or text the race director for race cancellation information. In the event of inclement weather on race day, the Aspen Cycling Club Board of Directors will communicate with the Race Director to determine the Club’s ability to operate a race that is reasonably safe for competitors, and, for mountain bike races, preserves the integrity of local trails. All racers should assume that a final decision will be made at the start line by the race director. However, when possible, the Board of Directors will alert racers of a race cancellation prior to the start by emailing the Club email group, and posting on the website and the ACC Facebook page by 5.00 PM.

Refund Policy: Race entry fees are non-refundable


Season Registration
Required for all racers. You must be registered as a member or guest by 8:00 PM the night before your first race. Season registration closes at 8:00 PM the night before each race and will re-open after each race. Please note that race entries also close at 8:00 PM  – if you plan to race the next day be sure to start your season registration before 8:00 PM and allow enough time to also complete your race entry by 8:00.

Race Entries

  • All racers must enter time-trial races online by 8:00 PM the night before the race. Start lists will be posted on this page by 10:00 PM the night before.
  • Guests must enter ALL races online. Race entries close at 8:00 PM the night before the race.
  • Members: Once registered for the season, members are not required to enter mass start races online and may simply check-in at the race director’s table at least 15 minutes prior to the race. Online entry is still required for time trail races.

Categories: Click Here for more information about our race categories

You only need to do this once for the season.
You must be registered for the season by 8:00 PM
the night before your first race.

Guest entries open one week prior to the race.
They close at 8:00 PM the night before the race.