Brush Creek – Deadline – Tom Blake

Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Event Type: Mountain Bike
Location: RFTA Intercept lot, Brush Creek Bike Path
Party: Post Race Party at Slow Groovin BBQ
Start Time: 6:00pm, please be prepared for cold and possibly darker conditions at the finish.
Course Description: Riders will begin at the Brush Creek Intercept lot and ride the Brush Creek Bike Path toward Snowmass Village, then turn onto Ditchline, ride Viewline to Deadline, turn right onto Deadline, and descend to Highline Trail. Riders will then turn left onto Highline Trail and ride down to Owl Creek Road and cross to Tom Blake Trail (traffic marshals will be in place for the road crossing). Riders will follow Tom Blake all the way to Funnel Work Road where you will make a sharp left and then go up the road  25 meters to the finish on the work road. You will finish under the Elk Camp Gondola. See revised map for details. 

Course Map: Brush Creek–Deadline–Tom Blake (Revised)

Start Times 
Wave 1: 6:00pm – Open Men
Wave 2: 6:05 pm – Open Women, Advanced Men
Wave 3: 6:10 pm – All Other Categories