Glassier – Buckhorn

Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Event Type: Mountain Bike
Start Time: 6:00pm, please be prepared for cold and possibly darker conditions at the finish.
Location: Hooks Spur Road, Basalt

Parking Information: Parking is limited at the start area, so plan to park in nearby Willits and ride to the start.

Registration: At the small dirt parking lot at Hook’s Lane trailhead

Course Description (New for 2019): All racers start near Rock Bottom Ranch, ride up-valley on the road and take a right onto the Glassier Open Space trail. Riders will proceed to the Glassier Bike/Hike Trail (course marshals will open and close the trail gates) and climb to the top, then proceed onto the Buckhorn Traverse. Riders will follow the Buckhorn Traverse until a right turn onto Lower Buckhorn, which they will descend to the Rio Grande bike path. They will ride the Rio Grande for 500 meters until the path meets up with Hooks Spur Road, at which point riders will take a slight left onto Hooks Spur and proceed to the start/finish area. Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and Advanced Men will complete a second lap, while all other categories will finish after one lap.

Start Times and Number of Laps:
Wave 1: 6:00pm – Open Men 2 laps
Wave 2: 6:05 pm – Open Women, Advanced Men 2 laps ( there will be a lap cut-off time)
Wave 3: 6:10 pm – All Other Categories